Spiritual Protection

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In a recent article on the esoteric nature of current global events, metaphysics author, Marius D’Alexandre, stressed the need for spiritual protection if we are to navigate safely through the months and years ahead. In this context, he made particular reference to the Medal of Benedict and the sacramentals validated over centuries by the exorcists. Consulting the available literature on this subject, we found numerous astonishing reports wherein this medal was used:

  • To destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical influences.
  • To keep away the spells of magicians, and of wicked and evil-minded persons.
  • To impart protection to persons tempted, deluded or tormented by evil spirits.
  • To serve as an armor in temptations against holy purity.
  • To destroy the effects of poison.
  • To afford protection against storms and lightning.
  • To serve as an efficacious remedy for bodily afflictions and a means of protection against contagious diseases.
  • To protect against (or repel) pests and vermin.

In one remarkable case, the Benedictine, Fr. Jerome Palmer, recounted an incident when he was working with the clairvoyant Franciscan exorcist, Fr. Dominic Szymanksi.  Father Dominic suddenly asked him whether he was wearing a Medal of Benedict. “Yes” replied the Benedictine. Father Dominic then told him he saw an evil spirit circling him as a small blue light, but this minion of Satan could not get at him because of the medal. A similar anecdote was recounted by the famous Italian exorcist, Gabriele Amorth, in which a vicious demonic entity stated its intention to overturn the coach transporting an exorcist, a monsignor and a nun who were on their way to assist the victim it was possessing. At the last minute, the coach driver was given a Medal of Benedict, which he kept in his pocket during the journey. The demon was unable to carry out its threat.

We should also mention the frequent use of this medal by the legendary Belgian Benedictine, Father Paul of Moll. In many cases, he was able to facilitate the healing of sickness and injury (even in livestock) when the patient drank water or the appropriate medicine into which the medal had been dipped. Father Paul often recommended that a novena dedicated to Saint Benedict be employed to speed up or perfect the cure. For those who would like to explore the prayers to Saint Benedict currently recommended by his Order, we provide additional spiritual information here.

Wishing to assist those who may be in need of spiritual protection, we were blessed to make contact with sympathetic members of the Order of Saint Benedict, who arranged for a supply of these medals to be exorcised and blessed with the most potent Latin form of the traditional rite used for this purpose. Subject to availability, we will offer these medals free of charge (postage costs only) to any customers who would like them.

Showing all 7 results