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For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh
For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10: 3-4

         The same rebarbative collection of World Economic Forum stooges, sexually compromised politicians and indentured media manipulators who brought you the illusory Covid pandemic, have now moved to implement Phase Two of their master plan. Having reached, for now, the apparent limit of human acquiescence and consent with respect to a coercive global vaccination programme which has maimed, sterilised and killed millions of people, Phase One of Herr Schwab’s “Great Reset” (or Fourth Industrial Revolution) has been achieved. The majority of the human race have been genetically modified, their immune systems have been weakened or destroyed and they now host within their bodies the self-assembling nano circuitry and hydrogel structures by which they can be connected to a 5G computerised control grid. The segue into an illusory “war” between Russia and Ukraine is primarily intended to cut off supplies of natural gas, oil, grains, fertiliser, seed oils, neon, palladium, and other rare earth metals, whilst raising the apparent risks of cyber warfare, stock market volatility and bank failures. This, in turn, will create inflation, supply chain disruption, manufacturing challenges, food shortages, and various other economic pressures which will necessitate or rationalise the global shift towards a cashless cryptocurrency system and the support of compliant citizens with a digitised universal basic income.

         Given the lack of creativity which typifies the satanic legions, their slavish repetition of cycles and historical patterns, we might suspect that the orchestrated conflict in Ukraine will be harnessed for an additional purpose. Almost as soon as the Covid narrative was launched in early 2020, there emerged reports that the alleged virus may have been released from a biowarfare laboratory at Wuhan. These served to imprint in the mass consciousness a sufficient level of fear to shut down cognitive function and thereafter for the public to accept without thought an unproven, untested mRNA vaccine by which they might “stay safe”. In the same manner, within days of the Russian “invasion”, it was reported that the United States had been funding a number of biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine. The politicians and mainstream media then began to warn that Putin might resort to the use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. The mass consciousness is thus being imprinted with a new fear that the Russian leader might unleash some form of catastrophic weaponry against the West. Having perfected their techniques during the Covid operation, the same globalist interests could, at a moment of their choosing, barrage the public with a resurgent wave of incessant lies and propaganda about some new lethal disease or pathogen which had escaped or been released from a war-torn weapons laboratory. And, of course, the solution would be another hugely profitable roll-out of further vaccines to keep everyone “safe”. Indeed, it is clear that fulfilment of the Great Reset might require this. Confidential documents obtained from telecommunications companies reveal that they intend in the near future to initiate frequency transmissions at 26 GHz. Coincidentally, these signals are precisely modulated by graphene oxide into terahertz wavelengths – the frequency bands needed to activate the nano technologies now present within the organs and tissues of the vaccinated. Unfortunately for the globalists, graphene oxide, though present within the Covid vaccines (and, increasingly, our food, water, supplements, and pharmaceuticals), is broken down and eliminated by the body within months, particularly when glutathione and other antioxidant reserves are abundant. Thus, if they wish to produce a society of transhuman cyborgs, they will need to continue injecting their proposed serf class with graphene oxide on a regular basis.

         As with the Covid pandemic, you can be sure that any consistent narrative promoted by the world’s politicians and mainstream media will be a lie. Recipients of the “safe and effective” Covid shots, whose cells are now producing a toxic spike protein, who now manifest a form of vaccine-induced AIDS and hundreds of potential side effects, whose internal nano circuitry allows them to be targeted, sickened or killed with great efficiency by specific microwaves, millimetre waves or cytopathogenic scalar waves, are the unwitting vehicles through which the globalists can produce the illusion of a fearful new contagious disease. The conditioned masses will then readily submit once again to the lockdowns, restrictions and hastily manufactured pharmaceutical nostrums advocated by their governments. And so the processes of depopulation and piecemeal slavery will continue.

         To preserve health and wellbeing, we must take all precautions to minimise exposure and vulnerability to EMFs, whilst optimising nutrition, antioxidant levels and the pathways of detoxification. I have discussed these topics more fully in previous articles and my book, Not Dark Yet: The Metaphysics of the End Times. Given the potential for further waves of engineered sickness, a hysteria over radioactive contamination from nuclear weapons or power station leaks or, perhaps, the “unintended” public health consequences arising from the deployment of genetically-modified mosquitoes in Australia, Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, California, and Florida, it may be sensible to ensure ready access to an electronic frequency zapper by which to kill a wide range of pathogens and parasites without the need for doctors or pharmaceuticals, an anti-parasite tincture (such as the classic Hulda Clark formula of wormwood, black walnut hull and cloves), suitable forms of iodine supplementation by which to prevent any uptake of radioactive isotopes by the thyroid gland (examples would include: kelp, dulse, Irish moss, black walnut tincture, nascent or detoxified iodine, or the Lugol’s formula), and edible clays (or zeolite clinoptilolite) which may be taken internally and/or added to baths in order to remove heavy metals, chemical toxins, graphene oxide, radioactive elements, and pathogenic organisms.

          Meanwhile, behind the billionaire manipulators and various powerful occultist groups in the shadows, it is the extra-dimensional and demonic hierarchies who really seek to implement the New World Order. These entities are sustained and empowered by the energy of human fear. However, for complex reasons, their activities are curtailed by the requirement to obtain some form of “consent” or acquiescence from their victims. This is why, during the Covid “pandemic”, the Ukrainian conflict and the continuing unfoldment of the pages of Revelation, those with eyes to see will observe the oscillating dialectic of manufactured fear leading to consent, as long-held freedoms are willingly surrendered. In this context, we may note that should the Russians really wish to unleash a devastating offensive against Ukraine or the West, they have, since the 1980s, had the scalar technology to destroy whole populations and cities without the need for any conventional military presence at all. The physicist, Tom Bearden, has written about this capability and threat for decades. The same technology can be used to broadcast the cytopathogenic energy signatures to induce any disease without the need for “infection” as understood by western medicine. If we penetrate the mirage of geopolitical conflict, we invariably find the evidence of collusion and deceit. The historian, Antony Sutton, for example, demonstrated through his painstaking research that Allied power brokers (such as the Bush banking family) were funding and supporting the Nazi regime throughout the Second World War. He found the same patterns during the Cold War, discovering that U.S. interests were supporting the industrial viability of the Russian state. In much the same way, while governments and misdirected protesters bleat about climate change, pollution, carbon footprints, and now the apparent risks to oil, gas or electricity supplies, entrenched monetary and political interests have spent decades murdering or suppressing the many inventors and scientists who promised to unlock the limitless free (and clean) energy which can be tapped from the quantum vacuum. As fuel prices escalate, as populations are starved in Africa to shift them off lucrative oil deposits, as terrorist regimes around the world finance themselves with oil revenues, it is a sad fact that all of this could be stopped with immediate effect if there were any legitimate wish to do so. Every house and car could be entirely self-sufficient and non-polluting without the need for cash and thus without permitting the exploitation of the world’s citizens by monopolistic cartels. In other words, mainstream political debate is mostly a charade, a series of convenient distractions which allow the forces of darkness to pursue their objectives without scrutiny or detection.

          If we are to defend ourselves effectively against these forces or launch a counter-offensive against their initiatives to destroy humanity, we must do so from the spiritual planes. To employ militaristic terms, we must disable their satanic command and control structures before our protests, petitions, electoral campaigns, and lawsuits can gain real traction. In our present materialistic age, it is perhaps only the exorcists who truly appreciate not only the realities of intelligent, personified evil, but also the unfathomable might of the spiritual interventions which may be summoned against it. Nevertheless, a remarkable (and somewhat apposite) story from the Second World War should make the point clear.

         On 6 August, 1945, the American B-29 bomber, Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Everything within a 1.2 mile radius of the hypocentre was annihilated, instantly killing 140,000 people. Fires and radiation burns killed tens of thousands more. However, eight blocks from ground zero, a two story Catholic presbytery remained intact. Miraculously, the small community of German Jesuit priests living there were unharmed, save for a few minor injuries from glass debris. Moreover, they continued to live out their full life spans with no evidence of radiation sickness, no loss of hearing and no subsequent cancers or afflictions from their intense radioactive exposures. For many years, the survivors were studied and examined by medical and scientific experts, who were unable to comprehend this mystery. Dr Stephen Rinehart, a nuclear physicist with the U.S. Department of Defense, commented: “Their residence should have been utterly destroyed (temperature – 2,000 F and air blast pressures – 100 psi). Unreinforced masonry or brick walls are destroyed at 3 psi, which will also cause car damage and burst windows. At 10 psi, a human will experience severe lung and heart damage, burst eardrums and at 20 psi, your limbs can be blown off. Your head will be blown off by 40 psi and no residential or unreinforced commercial construction would be left standing. At 80 psi, even reinforced concrete is heavily damaged and no human would be alive because your skull would be crushed. All the cotton clothes would be on fire at 350 F (probably 275 F) and your lungs would be inoperative within a minute of breathing air (even for a few seconds) at these temperatures. From a scientific viewpoint, what happened to those Jesuits at Hiroshima still defies all human logic from the laws of physics understood today (or at any time in the future). It must be concluded that some other (external) force was present whose power and/or capability to transform energy and matter as it relates to humans is beyond current comprehension.” The Jesuits themselves, as men of God, were less puzzled as to the nature of this “external force”. Father Schiffer, when consulted on the subject, would state: “I was in the middle of the atomic explosion and I am still here alive and well. I was not struck down by its destruction. We believe that we survived because we were living the Message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the Rosary daily in that home.”

And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king’s counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire
had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.

Daniel 3:27

          If prayer can override the effects of an atomic bomb, we may reasonably conclude that nothing in the physical world is beyond its sphere of influence. But let us give some further examples. Sam Childers, the famed “machine gun preacher”, is known for his highly dangerous missions in Uganda and Southern Sudan to rescue wounded and orphaned children, who are frequently captured, enslaved, sexually assaulted, or butchered by Joseph Kony’s psychotic (and some say demon-possessed) Lord’s Resistance Army (“LRA”) rebels. He has been shot at, bombed and ambushed on numerous occasions and, by his own admission, should have been killed many times. One night, while Sam was on operations in Africa, his wife, who was at their home in Pennsylvania, was woken up by a message from God that she needed to go to their church and pray. When she arrived at the church, another member of their congregation was already there, having received the same guidance. Together they prayed: “God, hide them from the enemy.” Whilst the women prayed, Sam recounted the events unfolding in Africa: “My soldiers and I were in an area where the LRA had just staged an ambush. As we arrived, we saw to our amazement that the LRA was rooted in place alongside the road. They could have attacked us by surprise, but they didn’t move. Some of them were actually face down in the dirt. You could see them shaking, hiding their faces. They were scared to death, and they wouldn’t be that scared of us. I believe what happened that day was they were getting ready to ambush us (and would have killed us in a heartbeat), but God had a mighty army of giant angels travelling with us. I believe that these LRA soldiers saw those angels and trembled in fear of them as we drove by.” Some time later, one of those LRA soldiers explained that some force had prevented them from lifting up their weapons. Childers also faced the occult machinations of hostile witchdoctors. One night, he felt an extremely evil presence enter into his locked room. As he reached for his flashlight and pistol, God commanded him: “No. Start praying now.” He remained in his bed, praying intensely all night until he fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he found “an unbroken, perfectly mounded circle of grey ash running the whole way around the bed. The line was about half an inch high and an inch wide.” He was then informed by God: “Satan came to kill you last night, but he could not cross the blood line. He went around and around the bed, trying to break through, but couldn’t break through my power.” Although he does not specify the nature of the prayer he used, it seems likely that he was pleading the blood of Jesus Christ, a spiritual defence which, if used with faith, can repel the very princes of hell.

         We may also cite the remarkable testimony of high-ranking ex-satanist, John Ramirez. A Santeria and Palo Mayombe adept, Ramirez was frequently tasked with cursing specific New York neighbourhoods via astral projection. Yet, whenever he encountered areas with local Christian prayer groups, he found himself powerless. Similarly, when he attempted to attack from the astral plane a group of Christian evangelists at a street gathering, he found them surrounded by an impenetrable wall of holy fire. On another occasion, he was paid a large sum of money to kill a woman with black magic (a routine task in his line of work). When he discovered that the woman happened to be a Christian, he offered to accomplish the hit for free. Having performed the elaborate rituals and blood sacrifices, he waited for news of the woman’s death. Yet she was unaffected. Disturbed by this insult to his reputation, Ramirez summoned the demons assigned to the mission, but there was no response. He later pleaded with the devil himself to bring about the woman’s death. But the devil replied, “No! Her God said leave her alone.”

         Our final account of relevance is given by Bill Scott in his book, The Day Satan Called. In one episode, he made the mistake of becoming locked inside a room on his own with a woman under full demonic possession. With superhuman strength, the woman was able to lift him off the ground and then drew back her fist to strike him. Realising that he was unable to overpower her physically, he closed his eyes and prayed urgently for God to send angels to fight the demon on his behalf. With his eyes shut, he waited for the blow to land, but nothing happened. Venturing to open his eyes, he was astonished to see the woman pinned spreadeagled against the wall, her feet almost off the floor. Through the woman’s mouth, the demon cried out and demanded that his invisible assailants release him.

         The Satan-worshipping, jet-set paedophiles who consider themselves to be the “global elite” are no match for the angelic forces of light; nor, indeed, are the demonic legions who grant them wealth and power in exchange for their souls. Like the antedeluvian nephilim giants described in the Book of Enoch, their arrogance and hubris will lead them to the portals of hell and, ultimately, dissolution in the lake of fire. Until that time, spiritual warfare teams must gather together in prayer to bind and neutralise as far as possible the malevolent spiritual entities and their subordinate earthly minions who seek to fashion the transhumanist New World Order. Suitable templates for this purpose can be found at After centuries of deliberate cultural and educational manipulation, the percentage of readers who take this message to heart may be small. But those who do can wield a disproportionate power for the benefit of humanity. The exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger, has observed that “Since demons do not know the mysteries of divine grace and the providential plan fully, they are left at a disadvantage in the spiritual warfare. They never have certainty about God’s intervention by grace or other means, and so being involved with human beings always involves a level of uncertainty for them.” Let us capitalise on this uncertainty and bring their operations to an end.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

Romans 13:12

© Marius D’Alexandre March, 2022

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