Nature’s Living Superfood

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Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is a green alkalising whole food supplement. It is derived from a comprehensive blend of whole foods, including alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algae, enzymes and bacterial cultures. Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is made exclusively from plant-based whole-food ingredients, which allow the body to absorb the nutrients it needs and support digestive health. All 36 nutrient-rich ingredients have been carefully selected, balanced and prepared to ensure maximum absorption and utilization in the body at a cellular level. Contains no fillers, or preservatives. Contains several sea vegetables, green land vegetables and algae perfect for the detoxification of the body including Barley Grass Juice, Wheat Grass Juice, Horsetail, Spirulina, Chlorella and Kelp.

150g or 300g in an amber glass jar.

Green Foods | Plant Juices | Sea Vegetables | Enzymes | Bacterial Cultures | Algaes Benefits: • Cleansing and detoxifying • Helps maintain intestinal regularity • Supports liver and kidneys • Supports blood, bones and circulation • Supports Immune function • Alkalising superfood • Loaded with enzymes & life force • Supports digestive health • Supplies the body with essential nutrients • Helps neutralise acid whilst promoting a good pH balance

Ingredients: Land Vegetables: Nettle Leaf, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Horsetail, Alfalfa Grass Juice, Carob, Burdock Root, Ginger Root, Nopal Cactus, Barley Grass Juice, Wheat Grass Juice, Oat Grass Juice, Dandelion Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Amla Fruit. Algaes: Spirulina, Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall). Sea Vegetables: Kelp, Fucus Vesiculosus. Enzymes: Lipase*, Cellulase*, Protease*, Amylase*, Bromelain*, Papain*. Bacterial Cultures: Bacillus Subtilis*, Bacillus licheniformis*, Lactobacillus Acidophilus*,Lactobacillus Casei*, Lactobacillus Plantarum*, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus*, Lactococcus Lactis*, Bifobacterium Bifidum*. *Non-organic ingredient Allergens: May contain naturally occurring sulphites. Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is NOT diluted with inexpensive Apple, Fibre, Rice, Bran, Barley, Malt, F.O.S., Oat Bran, Rice Solids, large amounts of Lecithin or anything else! Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free from gluten. No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.

Suggested Use: Adults intake should begin with ½ teaspoon daily and gradually increase to 1 or more heaped teaspoons according to your lifestyle. Organic Nature’s Living Superfood can be consumed mixed with juice or pure water. Alternatively it can be sprinkled or mixed with food. Nature’s Living Superfood is packed in amber glass for optimum nutritional preservation, freshness and purity. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not required.  

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Anonymous (Birmingham, GB)
Fixed my gut

I used to have to take a probiotic before meals to avoid unpleasant flatulence. After taking this daily for some time, I no longer need to do so and have stopped taking the expensive probiotics altogether. I feel that it is slowly improving various areas of my health from the inside out.

Happy Customer (Plymouth, GB)
Loving this

I've been having Nature's Living Food together with the Legendary Colloidal Minerals and my body is loving this combination. I feel more energised and I don’t have as many cravings as my body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

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