Male Power Tonic

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A synergistic blend of herbs to support male hormones, virility, blood circulation, energy levels and wellbeing.

500ml in an amber glass bottle.

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Impotence, infertility, sexual dysfunction, apathy, fatigue, and a general lack of vigour are now common. Indeed, a recent study determined that the average 22 year old male has the same testosterone levels as those of a 67 year old 20 years ago. Our Male Power Tonic is a synergistic combination of 10 herbs designed to: boost testosterone levels; to block the action of dihydrotestosterone (“DHT”) which can lead to prostate enlargement, cancer and hair loss (either by reducing levels of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme by which it is synthesised from testosterone or by blocking the receptor sites to which the DHT binds); to improve sexual function; to support the subtle energetic functions of the kidneys which thereby sustain youthful vitality; to increase endurance and resistance to stress; and to support blood circulation and cardiovascular function.

As with all of our tonics and elixirs, we amplify the wave emissions of these herbs while they steep for several weeks in unpasteurised, organic apple cider vinegar and then blend the final infusion with the finest mineral rich raw organic honey to produce a classical therapeutic oxymel.

To complement the Male Power Tonic, one may take our Male Dynamite Tea a synergistic combination of herbs to support the cardiovascular system, stress resilience and testosterone levels.


This is a natural food supplement and its intended purpose is not to diagnose, prevent, treat, nor cure any form of disease. Food supplements should not be taken as an alternative to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  If you are experiencing any symptoms it is important to consult a qualified health professional. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before taking this or any other supplement.

Usage: Invert and shake well before use. Take 15ml neat or diluted in water, 1-3 times per day or more frequently as needed. 15ml is equal to one tablespoon or around two dessert spoons.

Store in a cool, dark place.


  • Damiana*, nettle root*, saw palmetto berry, dandelion root*, panax ginseng*, fo-ti root*, ginger root*, cayenne*, hawthorn leaf*, flower* and berry* and rose hips* infused in raw apple cider vinegar*.
  • Raw oak honey*

* Organic; ‘ Wildcrafted

We used raw organic oak honey to make the Male Power Tonic. Raw organic oak honey is a very deep and rich tasting tree honey; it has a fruitiness as well as a deep woody flavour. This variety of oak honey comes from trees growing at the Rincon del Sierra UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where no chemical treatments are allowed. The trees grow at around 1100 metres in an extremely wild and untouched place. The honey is produced by the bees of Antonio Simon, a 4th generation beekeeper who takes pride in producing honey in a traditional way without adding or taking away anything.

Our organic, raw apple cider vinegar (with the mother) comes from a 300 year old orchard in the UK with 48 apple varieties.

Unfortunately, due to EU import restrictions we are unable to ship this product to any EU country at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


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Etsy customer

Well, I'm down to the bottom of the bottle over a 30 day period and I noticed quite a few positive changes in my digestive system and even my hair started growing back on my head where it's been thinning at for a few years. Can't quite explain it all but I can say it definitely works!


I like to take this Tonic when feeling low on energy/motivation - it makes me feel like a Spartan warrior!

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