Ears & Tinnitus Formula

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The Ears & Tinnitus Formula provides specific frequencies to release energy level blockages which compromise the hearing or which give rise to tinnitus. The formula comprises the subtle wave emissions of black tourmaline, blue tourmaline, apophyllite, blue calcite, onyx, fluorite, creedite, turquoise, botswana agate, and diamond.

It should be noted that, at present, many people are experiencing symptoms of tinnitus. A major factor behind this trend is the amplification of EMFs, which disrupt the brain, nervous system, voltage gated calcium channels, and subtle energetic anatomy. In such cases, the EMF formula may provide additional benefit.

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30ml in an blue glass bottle with glass pipette.

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Suggested usage:

The standard dose is 7 drops of elixir in a little water (just a centimetre or two in a glass) 3 or 4 times per day, preferably away from meals. Doses should be taken 1-2 hours apart. Several different elixir blends can be taken throughout the day. Individuals in poor health, who feel they may have a significant burden of toxicity and/or energetic or psychological blockages are advised to use the elixirs more cautiously until they have become accustomed to the effects. In such cases, one might take 3 drops in water, once daily. Then increase to 7 drops in water, once daily. Then 3 drops, twice daily. Then 7 drops, twice daily. Then 3 drops, three times daily. Then 7 drops, 3 times daily.


Distilled water, organic brandy, energy signatures of black tourmaline, blue tourmaline, apophyllite, blue calcite, onyx, fluorite, creedite, turquoise, botswana agate, and diamond.

Alcohol 16% vol.

Dosage level bottle.


Store in a cool, dark place.

Food supplements should not be taken as an alternative a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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I tried this elixir for the ringing in the ears and head that I sometimes get when the EMFs are being transmitted at very high intensity. Within about 20 seconds of taking the first dose, I felt a wave of energy run up the back and over the top of my head, then it circled around the eye sockets and then moved into the ear canals. I felt it pulsing back and forth clearing energetic blockages along the ear-brain nerve channels. Although not completely eliminated, the ringing sensation was then progressively reduced or damped, so that it receded into the background of my awareness. Usually, for healing one needs to remove the cause of the problem for best results. In this case, it is not possible with the increasing environmental EMFs, but it is clear that this elixir works to correct the energetic disturbances which these various man-made radiations cause.

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