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Exorcised and bless oil. Offered free of charge.

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In a recent article on the esoteric nature of current global events, metaphysics author, Marius D’Alexandre, stressed the need for spiritual protection if we are to navigate safely through the months and years ahead.

This exorcised and blessed oil can be used to spiritually seal the home or boundaries of your property as an effective protection against all forms of demonic activity. It can also be used to anoint the sick alongside prayer.

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Maria Redmond (Hereford, GB)
Efficient and excellent service

Thank you for the Good Samaritan Oil and 2md order of St Benedict medals. I have given some to close family and one to a man I met in IKEA of all places, he was very moved! I'm also grateful for your speedy service and for making these products available.

Beatrice V. Cordova (Pueblo, US)

Just started using it

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