Herbal Parasite Tincture

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A powerful synergistic blend of 16 herbs in organic vodka to combat a wide array of parasites in their egg, larvae and adult life cycle stages.

100ml in an amber glass bottle.

Summarising her research in the book, The Cure for All Diseases, biophysicist, Hulda Clark, concluded that a vast spectrum of human diseases are caused by the combination of parasites and a biological terrain contaminated with heavy metals and petrochemical toxins. She found repeatedly that her patients could be cured of diverse ailments when they were treated with an electronic frequency zapper and a parasite cleansing tincture (the latter proving the most effective means to clear parasites from the intestinal tract). In parallel, she would recommend shifting to a diet and household products which minimised exposure to chemical toxins.

The classic parasite tincture developed by Clark was a combination of wormwood, cloves and black walnut hulls in grain alcohol. This was taken for a period of 60 days to ensure that all the egg, larvae and adult parasite life cycle stages were killed. Scientific research into traditional anti-parasitic herbs used by various cultures indicates that each herb exerts a specific biochemical action, which may be more or less effective against a given parasitic organism. On this basis, our Herbal Parasite Tincture includes 16 well-established anti-parasitic herbs to offer maximum efficacy against the greatest number of pathogenic organisms and their respective life cycle stages. Rather than using a standard grain alcohol base (often produced by pharmaceutical laboratories), we tincture these herbs in high quality organic vodka.

By using our Herbal Parasite Tincture together with the Crystalline Frequency Zapper, the burden on the immune system is greatly reduced as toxic organisms (and their poisonous metabolic wastes) are removed from the body. This, in turn, leads to improved physical health, energy levels, mental clarity, and resistance to infectious disease.

We may also note that the pharmaceutical drugs most effective in treating “Covid-19”, namely Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, happen to be anti-parasitics. Researchers have stated that these drugs are effective because they are zinc ionophores (in other words, they assist to deliver zinc into the cells, which then inhibits viral replication). Nevertheless, we find it curious that a disease condition is rapidly improved by taking a medication designed to combat parasites. This has prompted some researchers to wonder whether there is a parasitic component to the symptomology of Covid-19. Some, who are not persuaded by the evidence of viral causation, have considered the fact that specific microwave and millimetre wave EMFs will encourage the growth of parasites. Others have noted that hydrogel nano-technologies will self-assemble in the presence of these EMFs and then act as antennae. They then speculated whether the body might regard these nano-technologies to be novel parasitic organisms and therefore attempt to remove such a threat by the standard biological pathways. If so, anti-parasitic herbs might assist this process. Still others, who have examined under the microscope certain “medications” being rolled out to the global public, insist that they have observed parasites in what should be sterile samples. We cannot offer a definitive comment. However, if one considers the entire picture outlined above, we believe that a periodic 60-day course of natural anti-parasitic herbs may offer numerous benefits for health and wellbeing in these perilous times.

This is a natural food supplement and its intended purpose is not to diagnose, prevent, treat, nor cure any form of disease. Food supplements should not be taken as an alternative to a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  If you are experiencing any symptoms it is important to consult a qualified health professional. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before taking herbal products.

Usage: Take up to 5ml (one teaspoon) diluted in water on an empty stomach six days per week, then rest for one day. Continue for 9 weeks for one cycle of treatment. We suggest starting with less than 5ml and slowly increasing the dose up to the recommended dosage of 5ml. Best taken first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Optimal results may be achieved by combining this protocol with the use of a Crystalline Frequency Zapper. Side effects are possible during a parasite cleanse, caused by the toxins released by the die-off of parasites. If these occur, drink more water and reduce the dosage until symptoms pass.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Store in a cool, dark place. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Black walnut’, wormwood*, cloves*, German chamomile*, pumpkin seed*, papaya seed*, gentian root*, orange peel*, European barberry’, fennel seed*, oregano*, black garlic*, elecampane*, turmeric root*, ginger* and cucumber seeds*.
  • Vodka* (42% vol).

* Organic; ‘ Wildcrafted

The vodka we use to make the tincture is an exceptional, award-winning organic vodka made with Scottish spring water, distilled and bottled at a family-owned distillery in Scotland. The vodka is made with only organic ingredients and the fresh water that flows freely past at the foot of the Ben Rinnes mountain. It is gluten-free, vegan and delicious.

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Chrissie (Stamford, GB)
Feeling better for it

Feeling the benefits from taking this tincture and cleansing my body

Sylvie Barba Sauter (Paris, FR)

No desagreament

Eleonore P. (Merville-Franceville-Plage, FR)
Parasite cleanse

I just received it, the taste is very good.
I can't say anything yet about the beneficial effects.


The order was received in very good time. For as long as I can remember I have had irregular bowl issues and for now after only 5 days for the first time my bowl movements have improved drastically. There is something very powerful in this formula and the customer support has been top notch. Thank you. God bless

Happy Customer (Plymouth, GB)
Very effective

The first days I started taking this tincture I felt a bit of brain fog and tiredness, but it was SO worth it! After a few days I started to feel way more energetic and more able to concentrate - very glad I'm taking it.

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