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Precious stones are born from fire and water….They contain many powers and are effective for many needs.
Many things can be done with them–but only good, honest actions, which are beneficial to human beings.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen O.S.B. (1098-1179)

  • Zappers are small electrical devices worn against the skin that have been found to destroy parasites and other pathogens using a 15Hz square wave frequency.
  • The Crystalline Frequency Zapper adds significant improvements to existing zapper technology by adding a wide range of beneficial subtle energy components to the current carried throughout the user’s body, resulting in much more power and a far wider range of beneficial frequencies.
  • Requires a 9V battery for use (not supplied due to postage restrictions on batteries).

Size: 85 x 50mm approx.

Usage: Full instructions are provided with the item.

The Crystalline Frequency Zapper is derived from the work and discoveries of Hulda Clark and Don Croft. Dr Clark, a biophysicist, discovered that a weak electronic square wave frequency when applied to the body would disintegrate and disable a wide variety of pathogens and parasites which she believed were the underlying causes, or essential preconditions, behind many diseases. Many years earlier, Dr Rife had observed the same process via his unique high-magnification, light-staining microscope through which he could observe the life processes and experimentally determine the “mortal oscillation rate” of viruses and bacteria. Dr Clark applied the current to the body via hand held copper pipe electrodes. The actress, Karen Allen, reports that she cured her Lyme disease in this manner (having failed to do so after years of heavy dose antibiotics).

Developing Clark’s ideas further, researcher Don Croft experimented with small devices that could be attached to the body without the need to hold the electrodes in each hand. Satisfied that this approach also proved effective against pathogens and parasites, he then began with the assistance of his clairvoyant wife, Carol, to add subtle energy components to the simple electronic circuitry, in the form of an orgonite block, a neodymium magnet, and a mobius coil, together with amethyst and garnet crystals attached to the wiring. This device was called the Terminator Zapper and is sold at, where you can read about the therapeutic successes he reported (even against HIV and herpes). As with the Terminator Zapper, the Crystalline Frequency Zapper adds subtle energy components to the square wave frequency which Dr Clark found to be effective.

Our product differs from the Terminator Zapper in that it has been designed on the basis of a deeper and more technical understanding of the properties of crystals and subtle energy waves in general. We have therefore produced a resonator block which is much more powerful and emits a far wider range of beneficial frequencies than the orgonite block found in “orgone zappers”. Similarly, we use different crystals on the circuit wiring which were specifically tested for their amplification and therapeutic properties.

Current legislation prohibits us from making medical claims, yet the following points should be noted. Firstly, whilst customers are always advised to consult a medical professional when unwell, in our current times this may, unfortunately, be difficult to achieve at short notice. Similarly, it may be difficult to obtain quickly herbs, vitamins, health foods etc. in a time of need. It is therefore useful, even if only as a last resort, for a household to have access to a zapper, which only requires a 9 volt battery to function. Secondly, for those who own or have tried other zappers on the market (and particularly those who have even a modest sensitivity to subtle energies), we suggest that they will feel a notable difference in power and sensation when comparing other models with the effects of the Crystalline Frequency Zapper. Indeed, this zapper may be used in times of good health because it provides a potent form of energy healing and clearing with respect to the body’s chakra, nadial and meridian circuits.
Disclaimer: Please note that this product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, nor cure any form of disease. You should consult a qualified health care professional for all medical advice. If you are experiencing any symptoms it is important to consult a qualified health professional.

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Anna (Bilbao, ES)

I feel great when I use it. It definitely helped me with a terrible headache during a flu. I also use it occasionally before going to bed as it leaves me feeling very peaceful. I highly recommend this product.

Happy Customer (Teddington, GB)
A must have this winter

Last week I woke up one day feeling the sickest I have felt in years - cough, headache, extreme tiredness... I started taking the Herbal Antidote and Lung tonic while using the zapper and at the end of the day I was feeling much better already. I don't know exactly what caused this but using these products I only needed 2 days to recover from something that looked very very bad! They're always handy in my cupboard in case I need them.

Ainhoa (Bilbao, ES)
Love it

It has definitely helped me with bad digestions and gut problems. I use it before I go to sleep for about 10min. Very soothing and calming effect.

Evgenia (Shibuya, JP)
Zapper Handy

Мой заказ пришел две недели назад. Перед обзором хотелось попробовать эффект Zapper Handy. И я очень рад, что получил его. Устройство очень удобно в использовании. И я ношу его на руке в течение нескольких часов. У меня нет больших проблем со здоровьем. Но я чувствую себя более бодрым и сильным. Благодарю создателей Zapper Handy и магазин за предоставление такого красивого продукта.

Emilia (Teddington, GB)
So Glad to Have the Zapper Handy

I have to write this. I have been using Zapper for some time. My cat 19 years old developed mouth infection on Friday. Took him to the Vet on Saturday, he got antibiotic injection and I was told he should start eating by Sunday. If not, then he's on his way out due to being old. Nothing was happening, he just drunk water, refused any food, even chicken broth, was uncomfortable. I was worried sick! Thank God, I remembered I have zapper! I put it on him on Monday for few hours, and immediately he relaxed and got some sleep. I took it off in the evening, he reverted back to being uncomfortable by the morning. I put it back on on Tuesday for the whole time, and suddenly he wanted to drink the broth by lunchtime. By today, Wednesday, he is eating blended chicken mixed with broth and sleeping a lot, looking comfortable. I AM DELIGHTED!!! I must mention that I added the Health Atlantis and Prosperity Cube to his bed. I can't thank you enough for developing such an amazing product, my cat is ever so precious to me, and I was able to assist him better than with the antibiotic. THANK YOU. It looks like is on the mend. Fingers crossed.

Etsy Customer

Whenever I remember to wear I feel amazing; my energy, focus and even my habits improve a lot. This has substantially helped with my clean eating efforts, headaches, and physical activity. I cannot recommend this enough as part of your preventative toolkit to be used in tandem and complementary to your MD, NP, and lifestyles choices because we all work better together.