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         It is now apparent to many that we may be living in the days described in the Book of Revelation. While some may prefer not to consider current world events in biblical terms, there is no doubt a wide-ranging, coordinated global attack on humanity encompassing our health, freedoms and prosperity. Heading into the winter of 2022, the screw continues to tighten on all of us. So what can we do? How are we best to survive and thrive in the coming times? We have previously covered the essential spiritual preparations in various articles here, here and here. However, our attention should also be brought to our everyday choices. The famous 20th century nutritionist, Adelle Davis, is known for popularising the phrase, “you are what you eat”. Our diets do indeed have tremendous impact on our physical, mental and spiritual health as well as our vitality, virility and mental capabilities. As the onslaught on our lives intensifies, we must look to utilise every part of our defences to survive.

         The issue of optimal diet has long been the subject of much spirited debate and disagreement. To this day, there exists a huge range of different views, as varied as they are evangelically followed, each touting persuasive arguments and benefits. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo/ancestral, carnivore, raw vegan, even raw carnivore. The list goes on and on. Sometimes, it seems that agreement will never be reached among followers of these different faiths – I mean diets! The optimal approach may be a more complex one – Marius D’Alexandre suggests that the answer may lie in the approach of cycling different diets at different times. What then, would be the best diet for the End Times?

         The vegan and vegetarian diets, at one time solely the refuge of those on the fringe of society in the West, have become much more mainstream of late and are even enjoying the controversial support of well-funded climate change protests – more on that later. Avoiding animal products, if what one chooses to eat is clean, unprocessed, organic and even raw, offers significant benefits especially in terms of spiritual development, helping to clear the mind and cleanse the body. This diet is not without its risks, particularly when followed over long periods. Care must be taken to ensure that the body gets everything it needs while avoiding the antinutrients present in certain foods. However, when under attack or at war, we may need to consider a different approach which gives the strength to fight and survive. While the raw vegan approach is well suited for the expansion of consciousness and meditation, it is the paleo/ancestral diet which best supports the strength, resilience and vitality of the physical body. This approach also offers specific benefits that are well-suited for our current challenges which I will address below in more detail.

         One of the principal weapons being used against us in this war comes from our electronic devices, mobile phones, smart meters and LED street lights – an attack via the electromagnetic spectrum. While the blinded masses continue to deny the EMF threat under the argument of the radiation being non-ionising, one of the indisputable effects of EMF exposure is the disruption to the calcium-gated channels in the membranes of every cell of our bodies, which are responsible for many physiological events and whose disruption can rapidly lead to inflammation and disease. Alongside minimising our exposure, detoxifying the body especially from metals and utilising effective protective devices, we can partly mitigate these attacks if we consume a diet high in healthy saturated fats, which make up the bulk of the cell membrane structure. The best source of healthy saturated fat is from animal sources, such as raw organic butter, ghee and cod liver oil. For those who still wish to avoid animal products, raw organic coconut oil is a good alternative.

         A pacified, weak and compliant population is a dream for our enemies. It is little wonder therefore that levels of testosterone have been plummeting across the population for decades. This has been achieved through various means, not least of all by environmental toxins, but a significant weapon against testosterone and also fertility has been the toxins, pesticides and hormones that are ubiquitous in our food supply, especially in foods that are non-organic or processed. Here again, the paleo approach offers an advantage – the diet is rich in animal protein, saturated fats and mono-unsaturated fats, all being vitally important for testosterone production. Furthermore, someone following a paleo diet would avoid foods that reduce testosterone such as soya products, processed foods and many foods high in polyunsaturated fat. This diet also reduces your intake of many antinutrients such as lectins, oxalates and phytates that are often consumed in large quantities in vegetarian and vegan diets. Having followed vegetarian and vegan diets myself in the past, I promise you that you can feel the positive difference very quickly in terms of motivation, drive and energy.

         We should also note the considerable effort currently being taken to direct us away from eating animals and their products, which people around the world have lived on for thousands of years, and instead towards insects, GMO and processed “food”, which no longer resembles its namesake in any way. In the upside-down satanic world that we now live in, the best approach is often to simply take the exact opposite path to the one we are being led down. No doubt those pulling the strings of their puppets on the world stage would like to see us with genetically modified soya milk running through our veins rather than the red, testosterone-filled blood of life. As long as that soya milk was laced with graphene oxide of course.

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.

Henry Kissinger

         While for the time being we are still able, with a little effort, to access good quality, organic natural nutrient-dense foods, the supply chain is under increasing attack. We are already seeing significant food inflation which looks set to continue alongside shortages and even rationing. The food supply chain is under attack from all angles, from rising energy and fertiliser prices to making life impossible for farmers under the guise of stopping climate change. While the international “prepper” community has been preparing for such events for some time, those that ridiculed them are now fast catching on. But how best to prepare?

         Many people start with stocking up on staples like rice and pasta alongside tinned foods. While the staples will keep you from starving, as food availability reduces the body and mind will start to suffer without the full range of nutrients and trace minerals essential for optimal function. We recommend focussing on nutrient-dense, high quality products that have long shelf-lives, either naturally or through processes that have not harmed the food. Ideally, these would fall under the paleo umbrella, but a version of this approach is still possible for those choosing to strictly following other diets. Examples include: healthy fats and oils such as organic grass-fed ghee and Rosita’s cod liver oil, bone broths, a range of seaweed and algae harvested from unpolluted waters, raw unheated organic honeys, raw organic milk and dairy products (fresh and also freeze dried such as those offered by Mt Capra), trace minerals (such as TJ Clark Legendary Colloidal Minerals, Schindele’s Minerals and Quinton’s), organic meal replacements and protein powders such as those offered by Garden of Life and The Fittest, organic beef organ supplements and natural sources of B vitamins such as organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses, brewer’s yeast and wheatgerm as proposed by Marius D’Alexandre. If you are looking for further inspiration, we have put together a wide and growing range of such products in the Primal Survival section of our website. We are very selective with the products we stock, carefully choosing the best and purest products from all around the world that are useful during these challenging times.

         With such a high quality, nutrient dense approach, less food is required to function well and remain healthy and the inevitable periods of stress can be better dealt with. One can also improve the absorption of nutrients in the diet through a parasite and bowel cleanse and/or the Metaphysical Master Cleanse, all of which will improve the efficiency of the body and reduce the quantity of food required. Best results from any diet should include periods of fasting. Considering the biblical times are living through, it would be sensible to combine these with prayer. Powerful prayers templates are offered on the Spiritual Protection section of this website.

         How are you preparing for the coming challenges? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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